Head and heart management training for new and aspiring managers

Some employee situations require emotional intelligence and others require following basic compliance and employment law knowledge. This training and coaching programme provides both.

How it will help you!

  • Experience has shown us that whilst full day face to face training can help – it is the consistency and repetition of training over time with accountability that actually drives behaviour change.
  • This 12 week course is predominantly online to fit in with workloads with 2 face to face half day sessions with expert facilitators.
  • Workbooks to complete throughout
  • Build relationships with a peer group of other Managers.
  • Private Facebook group to discuss and present different employee scenarios and ideas
  • Weekly JDFI task focused action sessions
  • Monthly online calls to review techniques and receive advice from two very different styles of HR. One with a ‘heart’ based approach that focuses on emotional intelligence and the other with the head based approach giving logical and legal based solutions.

Post 12 week programme on going support @ £49 per month

Each aspiring manager
£299 ex VAT per month

Truly affordable return on investment for all business sizes

Arrange an appointment

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