Getting the cultural fit right for your business

For established teams that need to ensure that ALL employees embody the company’s culture and are in the right tribe, in the right seat and heading in the same direction.

How it will help you!

We cant promise to fix your culture overnight however we can give you and your management team some great tools to get you started on your journey.


Five separate half days. 2 with your SMT and we begin by helping you to establish exactly what the core values of your business are. Not the ones your business coach told you, you needed to have, but the real ones that your company lives and breathes….

We then identify who has these within your team and how we can get people into YOUR company’s cultural tribe.

We can then work out what your company’s tribal seats look like and if employees are in the right seat .

Half day with your key staff and then all team members to ensure all is embedded into the new “tribal way”

The final half day session is then followed up with an action plan for Managers / employees and also it is essential that all your employee processes are also embedded to align with your Company’s values so we make recommendations on this side too.


For 20 employees +

from £2,500 ex VAT per month

Truly affordable for all business sizes

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